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Developmental Services

PILEA Play's Developmental Services are a resource for families with children ages birth through 6 years old. Our resources include high quality, individualized & play-based childcare, developmental evaluations & consultations, and family coaching/educational  advocacy. All of our services are play-based in educational (not clinical) environments and grounded in a strengths-based model. 

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming space that honors neurodiversity, LGBTQ+ children and families, and work towards anti-racist support for our community.

Drop Off Developmental Coaching Sessions

When you drop your child off at PILEA Play, we will engage them in play-based and individualized lessons where they can use their strengths to improve their skills in areas of challenge.

Your child will be part of a small group (3 or less children) or 1-1 with a certified early intervention/early childhood special education teacher who will provide targeted play invitations and scaffold the children's play to expand their knowledge, thinking, and skills.


Developmental Evaluations

We can help you support your young child by identifying your child's areas of strength and areas of challenge. Like everything else we do at PILEA Play, evaluations will be play-based. And while we will identify areas of challenge, we will use a strengths focus to celebrate all of the wonderful things your child CAN do, while providing ideas to support areas of challenge.


Educational Advocacy & Family Coaching

We LOVE helping families navigate the complexities of early learning environments! We can offer support in finding child care, navigating special education services, transitioning into kindergarten, and more! We also offer coaching to families with children with developmental challenges to empower caregivers to improve their connections & communication with their children.

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