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PILEA Play is an inclusive community space for young children and their families to play, create, investigate, and build community.

Open Play:

Drop In Only/Pay at the Door

Monday-Friday 9am-11:30am

(includes Mr.Hoo concert on the 3rd Wednesday of each month).

Birthday Parties:

Weekends 10am-5pm


American Sign Language Playgroup

Infant-Caregiver Playgroup

Toddler-Caregiver Playgroup

Music for Tots w/ Charlotte Thistle

Current Schedule


Building Community

At PILEA Play, we believe that we communities thrive when all children are given opportunities for exploration, expression, and leadership.


All of our services are play-based and inclusive.

Ways To Play:

Open Play

Birthday Parities


Special Events

Developmental Services:

Developmental Child Care

Educational Advocacy & Family Coaching

Developmental Assessment



After the closure of the Children's Museum and the pandemic that shut down so many community services for children, we found ourselves asking "What else could it be?"

 PILEA Play is a place for coming together, exploring new materials, making new connections, snapping ideas together, and asking yourself What else could it be?


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